Chicano Taqueria

Life is Burritoful

"I'd been traveling around Brazil for three weeks when I happened upon this place while walking along Rua Augusta... Being from San Francisco, walking into this place was like coming home."

Chicano Client: Phil Z.


If you live in north america for a while, there's one thing you learn about burritos, it's the kind of food you could pass your entire life eating. When I came home I wanted to have a nostalgic mexican food experience but all I could get was some tex-mex crispy "tacos" filled up with ground meat seasoned with poor salsa and a mariachi band playing around the corner. So I decided to do something about it and give this city a real burrito experience.


When it comes to burritos, you know that California has the floor. To make this dream come true, I joined two friends that lately became my partners on a trip do San Fransisco to get the chance to try some of the best burritos in America. 20 days, more than 50 taquerias visited and many, I mean MANY burritos tried. Chicano Taqueria was born in the middle of Mission District, surrounded by lowriders and supported by the amazing Miguel Escubedo (owner of Papalote), to become the most popular burrito shop in São Paulo.

Food Porn.

Want to attract more costumers? Bring a professional photographer to the table and you won’t regret. Even more if this guy is Leo Cavallini.

From SF to SP

We wanted to find a place that looked similar to The Mission (San Francisco) somewhere downtown São Paulo, off the fancy neighborhoods. Then we came to a conclusion, Augusta Street was just what we were looking for. A central place of the city that was abandoned over the 80's and 90's and reborn recently to become one of the most popular underground destinations in the city. The store was located on a three floor building and the whole architecture was designed to make people feel like walking inside a legit taqueria.

Social Media

We had a massive presence on social media. From daily posts with tasty mexican food pictures and interactive content, to a local awareness campaign on facebook that was designed to make people around the restaurant make up their mind and have a lunch at our spot.

Creative Director: Vidu Sales

Senior Graphic Designer: Vidu Sales

Associate Creative Director: Rubens Oliveira

Lettering: Atelier SinLogo

Chicano Photography: Andres Herren

Still Photography: Léo Cavallini

Architecture Photography: Rafael Fontana